K.L. Gold Campaign - It's Happening!

Hello and Welcome Everyone!

I'm Pascal Boucher and if my name sounds familiar, that's because I'm originally from Kirkland Lake. I'm a Miner by trade and i started my career at Holt-McDermott mine and even worked at Macassa (KLG).

I know first hand the harsh, dusty , bumpy, hot and physical environment under which people are exposed to at K.L. Gold. Truth be told there is no other mine like it in Ontario. The working conditions are harsh and the way employees are being treated is on a different level. I have many friends and family who live in this community and its no secret that things aren't very good at K.L.Gold, one could even say scary... At least for the workers.

It's not because times are tough for the company that's for sure. They have been reporting record profits and as results its officers and share holders have been benefiting in a big way. So what about the employees, the very people who risk their lives every day for this company and contribute to its success, how do they benefit you ask? Well... they don't.

Since the company has reported its been doing so well employees received:

- Major bonus cuts.

- Punishment for reporting injuries.

- Discipline/discharge without justification.

- Drug and Alcohol testing for no good reason.

- And the list goes on...

I have been contacted by many KLG Employees seeking information about how the Steelworkers can help. Many have come to the realization that without the legal protection of a Union they have no real voice to make Kirkland Lake Gold a better place to work. They have chosen to exercise their right to Organize and I am here to help.

Feel free to contact me day/night if you have any questions.

Pascal Boucher
[email protected]
(705) 567-1849 (24hrs hotline)