KLG is unionized in Australia

We reached out to our sister Union, the Australian Workers Union, who represents the workers at the Kirkland Lake Gold Fosterville mine. They were beyond thrilled to hear of the hundreds of card signers and the upcoming vote. They wished Macassa workers all the best and stressed the positive impact the Unions had on their work environment.

Important message from co-workers about the dues rumour

So it seems KLG and its little puppets are spreading misinformation again. Supervisors are giving out false information and outright lying about the union dues we had to pay. It’s a desperate move and nothing surprises me anymore with these guys. Maybe if they were honest in the first place we wouldn’t have to form a union. Them “smart” folk said dues were $350 a month!! WOW, maybe if those winners were calculating our bonus we’d be making money. Lol

Here’s the truth.

The dues are 1.55% plus 2cents per hour worked. They come off our gross pay (before taxes) and because unions are non-profit, dues are tax deductible and it works out to be a lot less.

There are no initiation fees and we don’t pay any union dues until we have a contract.

As we predicted the company started their dirty tricks. They‘ve been lying to us every step of the way, does that surprise anyone? WE NEED A UNION!

The People who actually care