Letter from KLG worker to his coworkers

Letter from a KLG worker to coworkers (censored version)
A Message From Employees 

We are your co-workers, friends and neighbors. There was a time we would have never considered going union but things have changed… and not for the better. If you haven’t signed a card you should consider it.

We care about this place and take pride in the work we do. We have made this company a lot of money, no question about it! What’s ironic is that they are in the media claiming they are making money hand over fist but keep taking from US!

Lets look at the last few weeks:

  • Illegally garnishing our bonus (stealing) for a busted monitor
  • S**t bonus
  • Firing good miners
  • B******t discipline when we follow the rules
  • B******t discipline when we are told to break the rules
  • Losing our best miners because of s**t money and disrespect
  • Contractors taking our headings, taking our gear and taking our jobs!
  • Targeted for raising safety concerns

Lies and more lies from Duncan King… Is anyone surprised?

Since this guy came in the picture or should we say videos (lol) he’s been gutting us. He’s doesn’t want to hear the truth or answer questions. We totally get it! It’s easier to s***w a family man or woman if you don’t have to look them in the eye.

What’s funny is that now that there is more Union talk, the “King” suddenly cares by sending letters to everyone’s house and giving misleading information. So, let’s clear things up. 

Union Dues

When we form our own Union, we pay dues, thats true. What Mr. King failed to mention is that Dues are tax deductible. Union dues are like job insurance and will give us the financial means to protect ourselves legally. With the Steelworkers, we don’t pay any dues until we have voted to accept our new contract. We have nothing to lose! Nothing!

Scare Tactic - Negotiations and Strikes

First off, the Steelworkers do not negotiate for us. We negotiate our own contract, we elect our own committee and we address our own issues and priorities at the table. The USW never tell us to go on strike, they provide us with lawyers and experts during bargaining. 98% of all USW contracts are settled without a strike. 

We are not Vale/Inco. We are our own Union, we handle our own money and we make our own decisions as a group. Other local Unions have absolutely nothing to do with us. We have no plans to go on Strike – the ‘KING’ is trying to scare us by threatening to replace us. But In case you haven’t noticed, we are already being replaced and that’s because we don’t have a Union 

The King’s ‘direct relationship’ approach isn’t working! 

There isn’t one of us who hasn’t tried to deal directly with our shift bosses and upper management. So, to be clear, Mr. King’s “direct relationship theory” has not worked. In fact, most shifters want the Union because they don’t agree with the way we are being treated. Shame on Mr. King for even bringing that up!

The “KING” sent his letter to purposely mislead and interfere with our right to form a Union. In our eyes, it is not only illegal but insulting and disrespectful. The only harassment and bullying taking place here, comes from management.

Despite what the “KING” says, if a union organizer shows up at your house, take a few minutes to talk and ask questions. You don’t get both sides of the story if you just kick them off your property. It’s about making an educated decision, as the “King” says. They are workers just like us, they are good people and they are here to help.

It’s time to stick together!

Sincerely, Employees for a better KL Gold