Know Your Rights

We have the legal right to join the Steelworkers.

The Ontario Labour Relations Act (section 5) guarantees your rights to join the Steelworkers. It says "Every person is free to join a trade union of the persons own choice and to participate in its lawful activities."

Organizing our union at KL Gold is a legally protected activity.

The law gives us the right to participate in organizing our union. That's what a Union is - People working together to improve their working lives.

It is illegal for management to interfere, threaten or intimidate during an organizing campaign.

The Ontario Labour Relations Act says, it is illegal for any employer or manager or supervisor to fire, suspend, or punish in any way for joining the Steelworkers or helping your co-workers join.

Our Union membership is strictly confidential. You never have to tell anyone you are a member unless YOU decide you want to. The Labour Relations Board, by law, keeps your membership strictly confidential. Management will never see union membership cards and never know who did or did not sign a card.

Any suspicious conduct by company representatives should be documented and reported promptly to our organizing committee as it may be a violation of the law. Any illegal activity by managment will be investigated and dealt with at the Labour Board by the Steelworkers.