Ventilation Issues at KLG Real Cause for Concern

United Steelworkers organizers have received many complaints in the last two weeks regarding poor air quality in the deeper sections of the mine.

Workers are reporting increases in temperature and humidity and are experiencing symptoms associated with heat exhaustion.

Employees have also reported a rise in the presence of mold. Some workers are experiencing respiratory symptoms associated with mold exposure.

Click here to read the latest Steelworkers Emergency Bulletin (PDF)

Although those symptoms may or may not be related to mold, there is no arguing KLG has a legal requirement to find out if the substance is harmful.

“Everything is fine… Get back to work!” 

Pascal Boucher, organizer with the United Steelworkers, says workers are being told by Shifters and Captains that “everything is fine” and to “get back to work”. 

On more than one occasion miners reported that while taking a heat break, they were told if they didn’t take their rounds, they would be replaced by contractors.

“This is very disturbing,” says Boucher, a miner by trade.

Mining is dangerous work, especially at Macassa, he adds.

“There is no other mine like it in the province. Anyone working underground knows that in order to stay safe we all need to look after one another, workers and bosses alike.

“To hear what’s happening at Macassa is very upsetting. Health and safety is not just something you say, it’s something you do. No person should be disrespected in that manner.”

“KL Gold workers clearly need a union!”

Click here to read the latest Steelworkers Emergency Bulletin (PDF)