We the nameless--an anonymous letter from a coworker

We've been receiving so many encouraging words from co-workers privately. This person asked us to share their thoughts with everyone. It's a great letter and we are happy to share it unedited, uncensored with you.

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What can the Steel Workers do for you?

For me the union isn’t about a regulated bonus system, or yearly wage increases, and a say in what happens with our benefits, Its about safety and accountability.

In my time at Kirkland Lake Gold, I’ve seen a huge change. What once was a family friendly place that would "pass the pot" around to help someone who was injured to help weather the storm, or an open ear to safety concerns has quickly changed in to an ounce producing machine that will stop at nothing for the increased bottom line.

As an employee I’ve seen the company what once learn from injuries, now ridicule the injured. the employees have turned into to the Nameless. We have shifters, captains, and our super, who put arrogance above safety. A group of people who should be professional harassing, bullying, and ignoring our rights and laws. For them it isn’t about us. it’s about looking good, and putting themselves first.

I've heard the horror stories from every department. Mechanics expected to do three-man jobs by themselves, Construction crews behind walls literally roasting to death. And minErs forced to work in substandard conditions. Who is accountable? When the mechanic comes to surface injured, he's told to take a drug test. When the Construction Worker has heat exhaustion, he's told he has the flu, when the miner comes up he's told he's not cutting it and is demoted. These are not exaggerations these are these are actual stories of the nameless.

I get a union isn’t perfect, I understand the fears that people have. but those fears are nothing when it comes to human life. and if our injury ratio continues its path, a life will be lost. And I guess right now all the accountability on us. We must seize this moment to vote Yes. We must seize this opportunity to gain our rights back. We must seize this opportunity to hold the or shifters, captains, and super accountable.



Big thanks to the anonymous KLG co-worker for writing in to us. A reminder, if you or your fellow employees have any other questions, please feel free to send them to us and we will get back to you quickly.

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