Why Join

Why Unions Make Lives Better for Workers

Having a union means more fairness in our job and our workplace. It means having a voice in the decisions that affect us at work. It means safer jobs, a better work environment and of course, it means better pay and benefits.

The USW will work with us to build a better future. We can improve job satisfaction and pride in our workplace. We can end unfair treatment, inconsistent rules, favouritism and intimidation. Without a Union contract, managment has sole discretion, we have no say, no protection and management is always right, even when they are wrong.

In today's economy, having a union on our side is a real advantage.

A Voice On The Job
With a union, the people who actually do the work have a say in how things operate. Instead of simply reacting to arbitrary decisions coming from management, we will have a stronger voice in the decisions that affect us and our families. With a Union we have back-up!

Union contracts emphasize fairness with one set of rules negotiated by and for all employees. And when your pay, benefits and other terms of employment are written into our union contract, they can't be changed without our approval.

As union members, we will have protection from unfair discipline and discharge through a grievance procedure. This allows us to challenge management decisions that we believe are not justified.

Job Security
Having a union at KL Gold can give us real input into the decisions that can affect our job security. It also allows employees to speak out about problems on the job without fear of retaliation, and to have a say when cost-cutting, contracting-out, and other decisions are considered.

At a minimum, having a union contract means that things such as wages, benefits, vacations, transfers, recall rights, training, job postings and fair promotions within the operation etc...would be legally protected, even when the mine is sold to another company. Added job security is only one of many advantages of the joining the Steelworkers.

Health and Safety
With a union, we will have the support we need to resolve workplace health ,safety and environmental issues.

The Steelworkers are committed to working with us to negotiate health and safety provisions in our contract to reduce the hazards and risks of work. We want to promote the well-being of our members, our families and our communities.

Better Pay
Union members have better pay. Union membership allows us to negotiate a fair pay system that applies to everyone and provides raises we can count on. With a union, you know when to expect a raise and how much it will be.